Capstone Design Information - Information on the Capstone Design classes is located here.

Capstone Design Spring 2014

Capstone Organizer: Prof. Pompili

Area Coordinators

    DSP and Controls: Prof. Pompili
    Computer Software: Prof. Parashar
    Electronics: Prof. Lu
    Computer Vision and Robotics: Prof. Meer
    Communications: Prof. Spasojevic

Capstone students need to register for one and only one of the 5 Capstone Sections (each coordinated by one ECE faculty). Early registration starts in November 2013. Students can do only one capstone project. Each group should be composed of 2-5 students, preferably 3 or 4, i.e., no more than 5 and no individual projects allowed. A student cannot belong to more than one group.

By Wednesday, October 23, 2013 email a 1-page proposal (and cc ALL your group members) to EITHER the Area Coordinator OR the ECE faculty who proposed the idea; in the latter case, cc the Area Coordinator based on the area (only one!).

For more information on the Spring 2014 Capstone Design Class, please see the following Sakai site: