RULost - Class of 2011 ECE Students Create and Deploy iPhone Application


Rutgers now has a dedicated iPhone application enabling users to navigate the University’s often labyrinthine network of digital information. This spring, a small team of ECE undergraduates successfully designed, deployed and enhanced an all-in-one mobile application designed to increase the accessibility of University services and cut down on search times. RULost is available now for download on the iTunes App Store for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).

The application, RULost, successfully integrates six key University services into an intuitive interface and provides portal access to dozens more. Users can view dining hall meal offerings, plan bus trips quickly and easily, access departmental homepages, contact essential business and services, read the paper and integrate their mail accounts with the native iPhone Mail application. “We wanted to develop something that was cohesive and centralized to unify the decentralized Rutgers community,” said Kyle Sherman, Project Lead.

By creating this program, Software Engineer Joe Morreale hopes to make it easier for future generations of students to access the data they need anytime they need it. “This application is aimed at incoming students who don’t necessarily know how to access data like dining hall menus online, or even that such information is available online.” He is quick to add that although new students are the most obvious users, alumni, visitors, returning students and even faculty stand to benefit from the wealth of information now at their fingertips.

The RULost development team includes Kyle Sherman, David Buchman, Joe Morreale, Dan Carew and Ryan Hennessey. All were members of the Rutgers Electrical & Computer Engineering Class of 2011.