iPad-Controlled Supercomputing as a Service - Prof. Parashar's research featured in Network World


Dr. Parashar's research is described in a Nework World article entitled "iPad-Controlled Supercomputing as a Service Coming This Fall". Dr. Parashar's research is a revolutionary step in supercomputing use. Supercomputing as a service that can be controlled from an iPad could emerge out of academic research this fall in the form of a commercial service.

"This turns traditional use of supercomputing upside down", Professor Parashar is quoted in the article.

With supercomputing as a service, users state their task and software intelligence determines how much computing power they need and then goes out and assembles it virtually.

The technology is so automated that a simple custom application on an iPad can input the task along with key parameters such as the level of accuracy required and time constraints. The cloud infrastructure then compiles the needed resources and kicks off the calculations.

The article describes CometCloud, a cloud-computing engine developed by Dr. Parshar. That engine is software that enables on-the-fly federation of disparate supercomputers that can be physically located in public and private clouds, data centers and enterprise grids.