ECE Welcomes New Research Professor Dr. Warren Lai

Dr. Warren Lai

Dr. Warren Lai has joined the ECE Department as a Research Associate Professor.

After receiving his BS degree in Engineering Physics from University of California, Berkeley and MS and PhD degrees in Physics from California Institute of Technology, Dr. Lai worked for 28 years at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill. He joined the CMOS development as Member of Technical Staff working on process integration in multilevel interconnect, spanning technologies in Al, CVD W, chemical mechanical planarization and Cu dual damascene. He was promoted to Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in 2001 and extended his work to optical MEMS sensor technology and nanofabrication R&D. He received the Bell Labs President's Gold Award in 1997 and has served on the SEMATECH Process Technology Advisory Board and on the program committee of IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference. He co-chaired and organized the Nanofabrication Technologies, Devices and Applications Conference at SPIE Optics East and at NSTI Nanotech and remained on the program committee (renamed as the NanoFab: Manufacturing & Instrumentation Conference). He has also taught Physics as an Adjunct at NJIT.

Dr. Lai joins the Microelectronics Research Laboratory and his research interests are micro- and nano-fabrication for applications in IC, electronics, photonics, MEMS, sensors and nanotechnology, including advanced process development, novel device integration, material engineering, metrology, characterization, reliability and manufacturability.