Prof. Roy Yates is the recipient of the Faculty Scholar-Teacher Award for 2010-2011

Roy Yates.jpg

The Scholar-Teacher Award is a university wide award and was established in 2000 to honor tenured professors who make exceptional connections between their academic research and their teaching.

Roy Yates received the B.S.E. degree in 1983 from Princeton and the S.M. and Ph.D. degrees in 1986 and 1990 from MIT, all in Electrical Engineering. Since 1990, he has been with the Wireless Information Networks Laboratory (WINLAB) and the ECE department at Rutgers University. Presently, he is an Associate Director of WINLAB and a Professor in the ECE Dept. He is a co-author (with David Goodman) of the text Probability and Stochastic Processes: A Friendly Introduction for Electrical and Computer Engineers published by John Wiley and Sons. He is a co-recipient (with Christopher Rose and Sennur Ulukus) of the 2003 IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award in Wireless Communications. His research interests include power control, interference suppression and spectrum regulation for wireless systems.