Seminar, Monday, April 24th, 10:00AM, room EE-203, Dr. Khalil Ghorbal, "Symbolic Methods for Automated Checking and Generation of Invariant Sets"

Abstract: We focus on dynamical systems described by ordinary differential equations with polynomial right-hand side. We investigate two questions of interest for those systems: (i) decision procedures for checking the invariance of semi-algebraic sets---a set described by finite disjunctions of conjunctions of polynomial equalities and inequalities---for a given dynamical system, and (ii) the automated generation of invariant algebraic and semi-algebraic sets. We enumerate and theoretically compare previously reported methods as well the most recent ones. We also empirically assess the practical running performance of such methods on a generic set of benchmarks.
This is a joint work with Andrew Sogokon and André Platzer.

Bio of the Speaker: Khalil Ghorbal is currently a researcher at INRIA (France). He was previously a postdoctoral at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science and before that at NEC Labs, System Analysis and Verification Group, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. He hold a Ph.D. and Master degree in computer science from École Polytechnique (France). His research focuses on advancing and promoting the use of formal methods to design and analyze industrial-scale complex systems. His work is interdisciplinary, at the intersection of computer science, mathematics and software and control engineering.

Pizza will be served after the talk.