NSF Future Internet Architecture - Next Phase (FIA-NP) project awarded


A $5M NSF FIA-NP project, entitled The Next-Phase MobilityFirst Project - From Architecture and Protocol Design to Advanced Services and Trial Deployments (MobilityFirst-NP), has been awarded to Rutgers (lead) along with 6 other partner universities (UMass, Michigan, Duke, Wisconsin, MIT and U Nebraska).

The PIs are Profs.  D. Raychaudhuri,   Rich Martin,   Wade Trappe, Roy Yates and   Yanyong Zhang, with Kiran Nagaraja and   Ivan Seskar as Senior Personnel and funding for the Rutgers portion is $2.269M over 2 years.

This grant is a follow on to WINLAB's earlier $8M MobilityFirst project   funded under the NSF FIA program in 2010, and will focus on moving the proposed MobilityFirst future Internet architecture from design stage to multiple real-world technology trials.

NSF has a press release on the award at:   http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=131248

In addition to the NSF press release, there are a couple of trade press reports at the following links: