ECE Colloquium - Friday - May 2, 2014

Vish Ishaya - Nebula, Chief Technical Officer

Friday, May 2, 2014 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm

CoRE Lecture Hall

Title: OpenStack and the Unique Challenges of Running a Cloud in a Next Generation Data Center


Discussion on OpenStack and the unique challenges of running a cloud in a next generation data center. Cloud development methodologies mean different approaches to problems. These approaches bring with them a new set of concerns. Why businesses and universities are deploying and adopting private clouds. OpenStack is a cloud toolkit, so the early-adopters are building and leveraging private clouds. These tend to be leading universities, DOD, service providers and large enterprises. In addition, high growth internet businesses that need to scalability and agility. These companies started solving business problems using virtualization and public clouds but are now looking for cloud flexibility and functionality in their own data centers,
under their control and behind the firewall.


Vish Ishaya, Nebula CTO - Vish Ishaya was previously Nebula's Director of Open Source and prior to that was a Principal Engineer with Rackspace Cloud Builders. He was also a Senior Systems Engineer with Anso Labs and NASA Nebula Technical Lead during the creation of Nova, one of the founding OpenStack projects. He is a highly prolific developer who was one of the founding engineers and a top contributor to OpenStack. During the November 2010 OpenStack conference, he won an OpenStack award for his development and community efforts, and was also elected to the first OpenStack Technical Committee, where he has served consistently since.

Vish was elected to four consecutive terms as the OpenStack Compute Project Technical Lead and is currently on the board of OpenStack Foundation. In addition to his programming and systems skills, Vish has spent over a decade teaching, most recently classes in object oriented analysis and design.