Prof. Dana's team is recognized in the 2014 Charles Pankow Award for Innovation


ECE faculty member, Dr. Kristin Dana, was the computer vision task leader on the RABIT bridge deck assessment tool developed by CAIT (Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation) and the Federal Highway Administration. The project received the 2014 Charles Pankow Award for Innovation at the ASCE Opal Awards ceremony in Arlington, VA on March 20, 2014. The computer vision group included ECE graduate students Parneet Kaur and Prateek Prasanna. The group developed novel algorithms for extracting knowledge from large-scale bridge data. These algorithms performed automatic crack detection and rebar corrosion detection using machine learning, signal processing and pattern recognition. The group designed and implemented the vision component of the robotics device including the incorporation of a panoramic 360 degree camera for contextual views, and dual high resolution cameras for surface coverage. A visual demonstration of the work was provided on-site to FHWA Administrator Victor Mendez. The project is led by Dr. Nenad Gucunski (CAIT/CEE) and Dr. Ali Maher (CAIT/CEE). Faculty Contributors and team members are: Dr. Basily B. Basily (ISE/CEE), Dr. Kristin Dana (ECE), Parneet Kaur (ECE/CAIT), Dr. Seong-Hoon Kee (CAIT/CEE), Dr. Hung La (CAIT), Ronny Lim (CAIT), Hooman Parvardeh (CAIT), Prateek Prassana (ECE/CAIT), Dr. Jingang Yi (MAE). Industry collaborators include: Dr. Mark Baker (Geomedia Research and Development), Giorgio Barsacchi, (Ingegneria Dei Sistemi). Core members from FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center were:Dr. Hamid Ghasemi, Jorge E. Pagan-Ortiz, Dr. Firas I Sheikh-Ibrahim, Michael F. Trentacoste

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