PSE&G grant to support capstone projects


PSE&G has granted $5,000 to support Spring 2014 Capstone projects on Smart Grids: Energy-smart technologies in future homes to reduce energy footprint and achieve sustainability via the use of renewable energy.

The "Smart Grid" capstone projects focus on the environmentally aware operation of future homes. In the United States, the residential sector consumes about seven percent of total energy use, energy efficiency is a key element in securing a more sustainable energy use.

In these capstone projects, students will design and build an automation system that monitors and controls electricity consumption in a home. The objective of the system is to reduce energy consumption by both minimizing the operation of typical household loads (i.e. lights, outlets, and heating and cooling systems) and by rescheduling consumption from peak demand to off-peak hours. In addition, control of local solar energy sources (photovoltaic) and energy storage will be used to address peak hour supply, and reduce load on the electric grid.