Speech processing exercises uploaded on MATLAB Central


A team of speech processing specialists (Prof. Lawrence Rabiner from Rutgers ECE and Prof. Ronald Schafer from Stanford University), with the aid and assistance of Kirty Vedula (Rutgers ECE Graduate Student) and Siva Yedithi (ECE and CS undergraduate major at Rutgers) have created a set of about 58 Speech Processing MATLAB Exercises in support of classes and teaching in the area of digital speech processing. With financial and operational support from MathWorks (the parent company of MATLAB) all these speech processing exercises have been up-loaded to a special website called MATLAB Central and can be readily down-loaded by any instructor or student wishing to pursue research in speech processing.

The exercises are all synced to the recent textbook "Theory and Applications of Digital Speech Processing", by Profs. Rabiner and Schafer, and are intended to be used to supplement the material in this textbook with a set of powerful hands-on exercises related to various aspects of digital speech processing.

Since the first exercises were up-loaded to MATLAB Central, more than 2000 downloads have taken place, and the Rutgers software package is one of the top MATLAB App sites and is continuing to grow in usage and popularity as outside users start to experiment with the various speech processing exercises.

Interested students and instructors can obtain these speech processing exercises by using any search engine to go to MATLAB Central, then clicking on 'File Exchange' and then typing 'speech processing exercises' in the local search bar. All existing speech processing exercises will then appear and any and all can be downloaded to your local machine.