ECE Colloquium - November 7, 2013

Dave Wilson, Director of Academic Programs, National Instruments

Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 11:00am - 12:00pm

CoRE Bldg Board Room, Room 701

Title: Engineering the Future using Systems Design

How do students prepare to engineer the future? How will expectations for higher level functionality change the knowledge requirements of engineers? This presentation will explore the spectrum of components and skills that engineering students need to possess when they graduate. We will tour the fundamental components of electronics, mechanics and programming. And then look at the ways to efficiently combine them into systems that will serve to meet the most challenging demands on science and engineering. With NI's vast array of research and industry applications, we will take a close look at some advanced applications that are redefining capabilities and resetting expectations on what can be accomplished. And, most importantly, we~Rll comment on paths students are taking to be prepared to participate immediately upon graduating and enter the world ready to "Do Engineering".


As the Director of Training and Academic Programs for National Instruments, Dave Wilson works with the both NI headquarters and more than 45 NI branches around the globe. He ensures the most effective product proficiency development strategies and tactics are implemented worldwide.

Before joining NI, Dave worked for the Xerox Corporation and Keithley Instruments as a research engineer and software developer. Upon joining NI in 1991 as a Michigan-area district sales manager, he began driving the adoption of NI measurement and automation solutions throughout the automotive industry. In this role, he presented more than 50 technical seminars, wrote hundreds of applications with customers, and received multiple industry recognition awards.

In 1995, Wilson became the director of data acquisition marketing where he led several successful launches for products that have become key parts of the NI product line including motion control, Vision, DAQ boards, and PXI. He also developed product and corporate messages and led initiatives to work with R&D to incorporate customer-recommended features into new products. In 2000, Wilson became the international sales director for NI Japan where he led the branch to record growth.

Wilson has delivered more than 60 keynotes about the application of next-generation technologies in 30 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas. He has met with the ministers of education in both Russia and Kosovo and many Deans of engineering to discuss ways to adopt new generation technologies for science and engineering in university curricula. He has also authored numerous articles and interviewed with multiple domestic and international publications including EE Times Asia, Bits & Chips, Evaluation Engineering, Desktop Engineering, and Sensors.

Additionally, Wilson has chaired the most successful customer recognition event held by NI, the Graphical System Design Achievement Awards. For ten years, this event has recognized NI customers around the world for accomplishments in engineering and science.

Wilson holds a bachelor of science degree in applied physics from the State University of New York.