The Capstone Design Program 2013 Results Are In!

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Capstone Design Program came to a close after presentation of impressive posters and formal judging by our panel of ECE Advisory Board members. This year's version of Poster Day seemed particularly interesting and exciting with over 40 projects, lots of cool demos, eager and articulate presenters and an audience that was shoulder to shoulder in the ECE building for well over two hours.

The judging took much much longer than expected owing to the high quality of the projects and the fact that only a limited number could be chosen for presentation at the ECE Advisory Board Meeting. After about an hour and a half, the judges emerged from EE240 and Professor Petropulu announced the top 10 and the winners to a student body anxiously awaiting the results.

Here they are!

First Prize ($400): Photovoltaic Thermal System
Todd Katz, ECE, Spring 2013
Daniel Cox, ECE, Spring 2013
Eric Greendyk; ECE, Spring 2013
Jonghyun Bae, ECE, Spring 2013
Advisor: Prof. Wei Jiang

Second Prize ($300): Wireless Orchestra
Eric DeJesus, ECE, Spring 2013
Westley Popati, ECE, Spring 2013
Miroslav Tomaska, ECE, Spring 2013
Songfei Zhang, ECE, Spring 2013
Advisor: Swapnil Mhaske, Prof. David Daut, Prof. Spasojevic

Third Prize ($200): Remote Input Solutions
Madhumitha Harishankar, ECE, Spring 2013
Shravanthi Muthuraman, ECE, Spring 2013
Kartik Bhatnagar, ECE, Spring 2013
Rashmi Loka, ECE, October 2013
Advisor: Prof. Parashar

All these projects (which round out the top 10) were highly rated and received many votes from judges. We wished we could award prizes to them all (and more).

Computer-Integrated Weight Resistance with Feedback Control
Josh Beninson, ECE, Spring 2013
Nelson Tong, ECE, Spring 2013
Tarun Katikaneni, ECE, Spring 2013
Advisor: Prof. Parashar

GPS Shoe
Justin Levatino, ECE, Spring 2013
Michael van Genderen, ECE, Spring 2013
John Waldt - ECE, Spring 2013
Advisor: Prof. Rose, Prof. Parashar

Android Remote Monitor Application
Mark Law, ECE, Spring 2013
Elvison Dominguez, ECE, Spring 2013
Phu Phan, ECE, Spring 2013
Advisor: Prof. Parashar

Remotely Processed Visual and Odometric SLAM
Eric Wengrowski, ECE, Spring 2013
Omer Mano, ECE, Spring 2013
Wayne Chang, ECE, Spring 2013
Advisor: Prof. Dana

Computer Vision-Based 3-D Reconstruction for Object Replication
Ryan Cullinane, ECE Spring 2013
Cady Motyka, ECE Spring 2013
Elie Rosen, ECE Spring 2013
Advisor: Prof. Dana

Flexion Defined Gesture Recognition Glove
Jennifer Shane, ECE, Spring 2013
Marshall Siss, ECE/CS/Math, Spring 2013
Austin Spadaro, ECE, Spring 2013
Siva Yedithi, ECE/CS 2014
Advisor: Prof. Dana, Prof. Rose

MPG - iPhone Driving Assistant
Eric Gilbert, ECE, Spring 2013
Greg Paton, ECE, Spring 2013
Jonathan Maldonado, ECE, Spring 2013
Advisor: Prof. Gruteser

Congratulations to all the students and also to the faculty advisors who supported technical brilliance and creativity in their students. Links to capstone posters and abstracts will appear soon on the ECE web site.


Chris Rose
ECE Capstone Design Coordinator

PS: If you've not already composed a 60-second (or less) video about your project, please consider doing so. It's a great way to memorialize your efforts and great practice showing the world what technical wonders you wrought in a concise (and often entertaining) way.