Ariela Zeira

Vice President , InterDigital Innovation Labs


Ariela Zeira is a Vice President at InterDigital Innovation Labs, in charge of InterDigital’s technology Incubation. She has been with InterDigital for more than 14 years and during that time has led cutting edge technology development for wireless and multimedia systems. In addition to her technical activities, she has played major roles in business development and strategy planning.

On the technical side, she has initiated and led a wide range of projects including Video over Wireless optimizing the delivery of streaming and real time video over wireless networks with emphasis on adaptation to the user, Next Generation Cellular Systems and Air Interfaces, Physical Layer/MAC system and algorithm design for 3G and 4G (LTE) modem chip sets.

Prior to her tenure at InterDigital, Ariela has been working on signal processing with applications to sonar, diagnostic ultrasound, radar and communications. She started her career at Rafael, Israel, and later on continued as a post doctoral fellow at the Yale school of Medicine, Research Engineer at Signal Processing Technology. Palo Alto, and a Visiting Research Engineer at the University of California at Davis. Ariela is the author of more than 150 issued US patents, 11 journal papers and more than 20 conference papers.

Ariela received a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the Tecnion, Israel Institute of Technology and Ph.D. from Yale University, all in Electrical Engineering.