ECE Colloquium - November 14

Dr. Vijay Narayanan, Pennsylvania State University

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 10:00am - 12:00pm

CoRE Building Lecture Hall


While machine vision research has continued to improve multi-fold over the past few decades, it still significantly falls short of the abilities and efficiencies of the primate visual cortex system. The primate brain is especially superior as pertains to comprehending and interacting with complex natural environments. In energy-efficiencies, the brain is estimated to be around four orders better than current machine vision solutions. While there is much consensus on the superiority of biological vision systems over machine systems on most vision tasks, the approaches leading to the better efficiencies and flexibility akin to the visual cortex are still widely debated. In this talk, I will highlight recent efforts at architecting customized digital hardware systems using neuromorphic algorithms as one successful approach to achieving better energy efficiencies. I will also provide insight to how emerging devices are influencing novel implementations of such hardware systems.


Vijaykrishnan Narayanan is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. His research and teaching interests include embedded systems, computer architecture, system design using emerging device technologies and power-aware computing. He has deep interests in cross-disciplinary advances and has led and participated in such projects. He is the deputy editor-in-chief of IEEE TCAD and served as the editor-in-chief for ACM Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems. He has won several awards including the 2012 ASPDAC Ten-year retrospective Most influential paper, 2012 Penn State Alumni Society Premier Research Award and 2010 Outstanding Alumnus Award from SVCE, India. He is a fellow of IEEE. He has worked with several outstanding students who are currently in industry and academia throughout the world.