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Prof. Wade Trappe was selected for the 2013 Outstanding Engineering Faculty Award in recognition of his contributions. Per Dean Farris' message, this award is an important opportunity for our Engineering community to recognize the special achievements and contributions of its dedicated faculty members.

The award was given to Dr. Trappe at the Engineering Award Ceremony and reception on April 5th.

Dr. Trappe is an...


ECE student Wayne Chang was awarded the Turing NYC Summer Fellowship and internship

The NYC Turing Fellowship is a program that "matches top students with top startups" in the NYC area.

They receive over a thousand applications and invite the top 40 into the...

The website published a list of 28 "first-tier" conferences series in Computer Science, and identified the top three most-cited papers in each offering of the conference since 1996 ( According to their data Rutgers faculty have authored 9 top-3...


Dr. Shantenu Jha received the NSF CAREER Award for his project "Abstractions and Middleware for D3 Science on NSF Distributed Cyber infrastructure". This is a 5 year project with budget $700,000. The abstract is given below.

Dr. Jha joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in January 2011 as an Assistant Professor. His interests lie in areas of high-...


Dick Frenkiel, WINLAB senior advisor and affiliated ECE Faculty, is one of the recipients of the 2013 National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Charles Stark Draper Prize for his pioneering contributions to the world's first cellular telephone networks, systems, and standards.

The engineering profession's highest honor for 2013, recognize three outstanding achievements: creation of first generation cellular telephony; advancements that...


Prof. Athina Petropulu is the recipient of the 2012 IEEE Signal Processing Society Meritorious Service Award for "exemplary service in technical leadership capacities".

The award will be presented to her at the Awards Ceremony at  ICASSP 2013  in Vancouver, Canada.

More on the 2013 IEEE SPS Awards can be found...


Dr. Waheed Bajwa was awarded US patent 8,320,489 B2 "Determining channel coefficients in a multipath channel".

In wireless telecommunications, signals are transmitted and received over transmission channels within a limited range of frequencies, typically between 0.7 GHz to 6 GHz for domestic applications. Due to the limited amount of transmission space, it is increasingly important to perfect techniques that estimate channel state information (CSI) at the...


Prof. Larry Rabiner has received a $45K grant from MathWorks, for developing the set of software speech processing exercises to accompany courses in speech processing, both here at Rutgers and at universities around the world.

Professor Lawrence Rabiner is an Electrical Engineer who has worked in the fields of digital signal processing and speech processing for his entire career. Lawrence Rabiner's specialty has been digital signal...


ECE students E. K. Lee, H. Viswanathan and Prof. Dario Pompili have won the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC), to be held in Pune, India in Dec. 2012. The acceptance rate of this conference is 25%.

Shown in the picture are ECE students Hari Viswanathan, Chris Camastra and Eun Kyung Lee with Prof. Dario Pompili.

The paper is entitled, "VMAP...


ECE Prof. Marco Gruteser (pictured left) and CS Prof. Rich Martin (pictured right) have been awarded the NJ Inventors Hall of Fame award for their work on detecting cell phone use by driver and passengers.   More at the link below: