Prof. Lindqvist's Gesture Security work featured on RU-TV and many other news and media outlets

Prof. Janne Lindqvist's interdisciplinary security work which was presented at MobiSys'14, the tier-1 conference on mobile systems, is getting nice publicity around the world.

In that work, Prof. Janne Lindqvist and his students, Michael Sherman (former ECE undergrad, and currently WINLAB staff), Gradeigh Clark (ECE PhD student), Yulong Yang (ECE PhD student) and Shridatt Sugrim (ECE MS and WINLAB staff), collaborated with Prof. Antti Oulasvirta of Max-Planck Institute for Informatics and Teemu Roos of University of Helsinki, on a novel form of authentication for mobile devices. In particular, they studied user-generated free-form gestures and developed a novel information-theoretic for analyzing the security and memorability of the gestures. The group also built an actual authentication system designed for the gestures.

On October 6th, Dr. Lindqvist's research was featured on "Wake Up Rutgers", a daily Rutgers TV program. The show is available online at the link below. Dr. Lindqvist's segment starts at 23 minutes and ends at 26 minutes.

The research paper is available at:

A press release including a video made can be found at

The work has been featured on   CBS Radio News   and appeared in the following outlets:


Scientific American

Front page of NSF's 360 degrees web site at the moment:

Yahoo! News

International Business Times, which reaches 5 million people in the UK and 50 million around the world

Science Daily

Front page of Scientific Computing

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A lot of coverage in India including major publishers including major publishers

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