ECE Capstone Team wins $10K at the 7x24 Exchange Metro New York University Challenge !

ECE Capstone team won $10K at the 7x24 Exchange Metro New York University Challenge! The 7x24 Exchange Metro New York put in place a senior year design project (capstone project) competition with theme datacenter energy efficiency. The event took place today at Credit Suisse offices in NYC.

ECE Rutgers participated with the project "A Mesh Network of Reactive Lights for Energy Savings and Security Awareness", by Aeon Brown (EE), Parth Kanani (EE), Alam Lam (EE), and Aesha Patel (EE). The faculty advisor is Prof. Hana Godrich. The project abstract is given below. This project was based on the group's 2015 Capstone Design project   Smart Garden System.

7x24 Exchange is a leading knowledge exchange organization in the mission critical facilities space. The NY metro chapter is looking to promote visibility of datacenter industry to excellent senior students and expand senior year capstone projects and research on related topics.

Congratulations to the team and their advisor!

Project Title: A Mesh Network of Reactive Lights for Energy Savings and Security Awareness

Project Abstract:

LED technology offers significant energy savings. For larger buildings/infrastructures, such as data centers, use of LED can offer high savings and increase energy efficiency. An additional prospective for savings is described in the US DOE guidelines for "Best practices Guide for Energy-Efficient Data Center Design," from 2011. It points out the advantage of increased selectivity of lighting systems beyond zone-based occupancy to lighting load reduction and a secondary saving stemming from decrease in cooling load.

The proposed reactive lighting system is offering a simple, low cost, retrofit to existing infrastructure with the use of LED, operating in an event-based approach. Additional features, beyond surface lighting, make for a better return on investment and can potentially drive faster implementation in the Data Center space.