ECE Capstone Top Ten Winners

ECE Capstone Design courses are senior-level project design courses that require students to use all their ECE skills to solve a real-world engineering problem or develop a viable product. With the mentoring of the capstone course faculty advisor, this course integrates all the ECE academic studies with an open-ended design project. The Top Ten projects voted by the Judges are listed below.  The first three are awarded a monetary prizes by the ECE Department.   This year's winners are:

SURPASS: Supplemented Urgency Regulating Personal Alert Safety System
Group Members: Minh Pham, Paul Kania and Matthew Brazza
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Pompili
Capstone Project Video:

ZnO Thin Film Resonator – Based Heart Monitor
Group Members: XinCheng Jin, Roy Jung and SangChul Shin
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Lu and Dr. Pavel Reyes
Capstone Project Video:

Bio-Metric Mask
Group Members: Christopher Redziniak, Arthur Tapper and Wesley Guu
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Lu
Capstone Project Video:

High Altitude Glider
Group members: Nicholas Palumbo and David Becker
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Pompili
Capstone Project Video:

PHEV/EV Li-Ion Battery Second-Use
Group Members: Mohammad Aneeq Khan, Ammar Saleem, Jared Roszko, and Nabil Ali
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Godrich
Capstone Project Video:

Vision-Based Mobile Free-Space Optical Communications
Group Members: Jonathan Giordano, Kyle Cavorley, Taichi Hithiro and Wayne Chang
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Daut

Energy-Conscious Home Automation
Group Members: Damon Chow, Sam Pinsky, Dominic Serenelli, Vishal Shah and Benjamin Skolozdra
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Pompili
Capstone Project Video:

Wearable Pulse Oximeter
Group Members: Fanpeng Kong, Yubo Qin, Zhengyu Yang and Zhongtian Lin
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Najafizadeh
Capstone Project Video:

Rutgers Course Recommender
Group Members: Simon Gao and Joshua Devasagayaraj
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Parashar
Capstone Project Video:*

Green Off Grid Paradise
Group Members: Rolihlahla Ferdinand, Justin DeOliveira and John Pacheco
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Godrich
Capstone Project Video:

Congratulations to all our 2014 Capstone Design students for their hard work
and excellent projects which are listed at