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    Prof. Laleh Najafizadeh and students Yi Huang and Li Zhu with IBM Bi CMOS implemented IC
  • The ECE 3+2 Program includes 43 students from UESTC, Chengdu, China
  • First Place 2014 Capstone Design - Paul Kania, Matthew Brazza and Minh Pham
  • First Place 2013 Capstone Award
  • Second Place 2013 Capstone Award
  • Third Place 2013 Capstone Award
  • The Visual MIMO research team at work
  • Prof. Pompili   and his research group
  • Prof.   K. Dana and her robotics class
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    Prof. Laleh Najafizadeh with Yi Huang and Li Zhu working on IC implemented with IBM Bi CMOS
  • ECE Laboratories
  • Virtual Reality Instructional Laboratory
  • The Electrical and Computer Engineering Building
  • The ORBIT Wireless Testbed
  • The Micro-Electronics Research Laboratory (MERL)
  • Undergraduate researcher working on a Visual Communication Experiment
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
  • Telerehabilitation Institute - Virtual rehabilitation system for strengthening the ankle of children with CP
  • Prof. Mandayam with students
  • Testing an electronic signet ring for logging into mobile devices

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Research Highlights

Performance-in-Depth Sparse Solvers for Heterogeneous Parallel Platforms

Professor Maryam Mehri Dehnavi is the PI on a new NSF grant entitled "...

The Power of Many: Ensemble Toolkit for Earth Sciences

Professor Shantenu Jha is the lead PI on a 3 year NSF award for $1.25M on a...

Role of Cortical Network Plasticity in Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury

Professor Laleh Najafizadeh is part of a team receiving a grant from the New...

Probing Neural Connectivity at Multiple Temporal Scales

Professor Laleh Najafizadeh is PI on a new NSF grant from the Biomedical...

ECE and The Media

Janne Lindqvist's News Article on World Password Day

ECE Assistant Professor Janne Lindqvist, whose research focuses on gesture...

Professor Janne Lindqvist's research on smartphone interruptions featured in popular media

Janne Lindqvist's recent work on smartphone interruptions has received a lot of...

Janne Lindqvist's research featured in "Rutgers Today"

Smartphone Interruptions: Are Yours Relentless and Annoying?  A Rutgers study, featured in...

Vishal Patel's work on De-Raining featured in The Outline

Professor Vishal Patel's recent work on de-raining is featured in the...

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I have received my GED. Which requirements apply to me?

If you have a GED you must be certain to provide the following documents in support of your application: 1. An official report of your GED examination scores. 2. Transcripts from any high school you attended regardless of the length of enrollment. 3. Transcripts from any college you have attended. Please note that courses taken in math, science, and foreign language at another college may be used to satisfy entrance requirements.

How can I check the status of my application?

All students who provide a valid email address on their online application will receive an immediate email response confirming its receipt. You may check the status of your application at Your Rutgers Status screen. You will need your nine-digit ID number or your assigned student identification number and your PIN to access this secure site.

What are Special Permission Numbers and Pre-requisite Overrides? How do I get one?

Find more information on special permission numbers and pre-requisite overrides  here.

How do I go about taking summer courses outside of RU, and who pays for the tuition?

You may take certain courses at another institution over the summer or winter sessions (not during the spring or fall terms) and transfer the credit (not the grade) to be applied towards your Engineering degree at Rutgers. Tuition is paid for by the student. Click http://soe.rutgers.edu/oas_transfer_external   for more information on transferring summer courses.

For more information on the Rutgers Summer Session, please see http://summersession.rutgers.edu

Where do I get verification of being a full time student?

To get verification of being a full time student, contact the Office of Verifications in ASB, Room 200L at (732) 445-7000. Students can also request full time enrollment via the Registrar's website. You can find more information on transcripts and verification  here.


Professor Shantenu Jha is a co-PI and the lead Computing Engineer/Science Faculty on a new $20M NSF Scientific Software Innovation Institutes for Molecular Sciences. The Institute called MolSSI -- Molecular Science Software Institute, will enable computational scientists to tackle problems that are significantly larger and more complex than those currently within reach. MolSSI will impact domains that use molecular simulations -- from proteins and drug designs to the next generation of materials.


Professor Shantenu Jha has been invited to The White House on July 29 to attend a workshop being held on the one year anniversary of the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NCSI). At this event organized by the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Professor Jha and fellow invitees will discuss high-performance computing and its role in advancing U.S. economic competitiveness, scientific discovery, and innovation.

Shantenu Jha wins Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research

Submitted by admin on July 22, 2016 - 9:09am

Professor Shantenu Jha has been named a recipient of 2016 Rutgers Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research. The award carries an honorarium in the amount of $1000 and will be presented to Shantenu and fellow honorees at the awards reception in October.

Szu-Ying Wang wins Paul Panayotatos Endowed Scholarship

Submitted by admin on July 18, 2016 - 12:43pm

Szu-Ying Wang, an ECE PhD student working with Prof. Yicheng Lu, has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Paul Panayotatos Endowed Scholarship.

Szu-Ying will receive $5,000 in support of her project entitled "Fully-Transparent MgZnO High Voltage Thin Film Transistors on Glass for Inverters in Building Integrated Photovoltaics''.

Tong Wu Wins Best Student Paper Award

Submitted by admin on July 12, 2016 - 5:35pm

Tong Wu, who is a fourth-year PhD student in the Department of ECE and is being supervised by Prof. Waheed Bajwa, has won the Best Student Paper Award at the 12th IEEE Image Video and Multidimensional Signal Processing (IVMSP) Workshop for his paper entitled "Clustering-aware structure-constrained low-rank representation model for learning human action attributes."

This work, which is a collaboration between Rutgers and Drs. Raghuveer Rao and Prudhvi Gurram at the Army Research Lab in Adelphi, MD, is expected to help robots autonomously interact with humans in their surroundings.